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Watch The Difference Between A White Guy And A Black Guy Committing The Same Crime

YouTubers Simple Misfits conducted an experiment to see what people would do if a white guy and a black guy broke into the same car.

The pair uploaded a video to YouTube that appears to be result of a social experiment in L.A.

White guy goes first. Nobody tries stopping the break-in even though the alarm goes off.


Not even the cop who drives past the "crime."

After 30 minutes of trying to break in, nothing happened.

Now it's Quinton's (black guy) turn.

Onlookers begin raising suspicions.

Cops arrive at the scene.

"It was a 30 minute ordeal to get the car keys and show proof of insurance before the cops finally gave in that it was a 'prank,'" Simple Misfits told BuzzFeed.

"[The cops held Quinton] against the wall and let him go once they checked his legal record to see if he was clean & once we showed proof it was indeed our car."

Watch the whole thing here:

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Simple Misfits / Via youtube.com