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18 Really Clever Signs That Should Exist Everywhere

Follow the signs.

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1. This road sign that will help when you're feeling sleepy behind the wheel:

eppinizer / Via

2. This sign that lets you know if it's raining before you get off the elevator:

eigosensei / Via

3. This sign that tells you how many steps it takes to get to your favorite store:

girthygirl / Via

4. This sign that is more helpful than your GPS:

cmattel / Via

5. These signs that let you know if the bathroom is occupied before you get up from your table:

Patat0man / Via

6. This sign that reminds you to ALWAYS wash your hands after using the bathroom:

ImAPlebe / Via

7. These pedestrian signs that on pedestrian-shaped poles:

BigFlavors / Via

8. This sign that points you in the direction of the nearest bathrooms:

uazaa / Via

9. This park sign that lets you know the owls are watching and they will attack:

Sup3rChr15 / Via

10. This sign that paints a picture of what's gonna happen if you decide to urinate in public:

SilviOnPC / Via

11. This sign that's looking out for your skin:

nsulbu / Via

12. This bathroom sign where both people are trying to hold it in:

caviidae / Via

13. This sign that shows some emotion:

meowzapalooza7 / Via

14. This pedestrian sign at the AOL corporate offices:

eqrunner / Via

15. This sign that lets you know where you are in the greater scheme of things:

KKBlitz11 / Via

16. This sign that tells the price of gas and coffee:

Sweaty_Meerkat / Via

17. This bathroom sign that says nothing but the truth:

AppearingSum / Via

18. And finally, this safety sign with a sense of humor, that is also good advice for life in general:

TerrenceFoxton / Via

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