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17 Carne Asada Photos That Will Make You Hungry AF

Carne asada is life.

So, can we take a quick second to appreciate the glory of carne asada?

edgarc73 / Via

To my non-Spanish speaking friends, the direct translation of "carne asada" is grilled meat.

foodiefrenzie / Via

Usually, it's a skirt, flank, or flap steak — marinated to perfection — grilled on an open fire that's JUST charred enough to give it a subtle smoky flavor.

tacology / Via

It's bomb. Especially when you grill it with some onions, cebollitas, whole jalapeños, nopales, corn on the cob, tortillas, and other mouthwatering goodness.

mrguerrerolb / Via

One of the best parts is smelling the meat as it's cooked in its own juices. It's so powerful, you could be 5,382 miles away from the grill and you'd still be able to smell the deliciousness.

ponchadoml / Via

That “TSSSSSSSSSSSS” sound you hear as the meat grills is like music to your ears.

ricardocorrales1 / Via

Carne asada is flavorful, it's mouthwatering, it's juicy, tender, delicious, heavenly, and above all, the GREATEST. Eat it in a taco, in a torta, or by itself. IT'S ALL GOOD!

gomez_mando02 / Via

But there's more to carne asada than just grilling meat.

juanchito559 / Via

It's what you had at family gatherings on Sunday afternoons.

assyriancookbook / Via

It's what your family members bonded over while they drank Modelos and Bohemias.

yacopa / Via

It's what your tías ate while they spilled some hot chisme about some fulano or other.

_wander_woman_ / Via

It's what your cousins ate while talking about school, work, and life problems.

http://jesus.s.gonzalez.12 / Via

This is the dish of your childhood.

covagram / Via

This is the dish that made you PROUD of who you are.

traveler_foodie / Via

This is the dish that — quite simply — made you happy.

abrilun0 / Via

In this life, we gotta eat, and if we gotta eat, we might as well eat con gusto. So, remember: Beyond all its deliciousness, all its heavenly glory, all its tenderness...

alansidney33 / Via

Carne asada is family. Carne asada is life.

t_time_t / Via