31 GIFs You Won't Believe Actually Exist

    Life is pretty predictable until — OH MY GOD!

    1. Will this turtle make it over the fence?!

    2. Will Hermione be able to pull off this magic spell?

    3. Will this Olympic diver nail a perfect 10?!

    4. Will this dude successfully jump over this puddle of dirty water?

    5. How do this cute puppy and baby get along?

    6. Can this man keep running without tripping?

    7. Why are these ladies running in a hospital?

    8. Will this tractor manage to pull this boat out of the water?

    9. Will she say yes to this man's marriage proposal?

    10. What is this sexy lady getting ready for?

    11. Will this guy perform a successful card trick?

    12. Will this guy land this awesome BMX trick?

    13. Will this baby finally take its first steps?

    14. How will Sub Zero finish off Scorpion?

    15. Will this diver successfully pull off a front flip?

    16. Are those two sexy schoolgirls playing the field?

    17. Will these two bros have a brutal throwdown?

    18. Who will get KTFO?

    19. Will these mean-looking dudes break that storefront window?

    20. Will this guy just wait for the train to run over his car?

    21. Will this guy pull off this clever pool trick?

    22. Will these two lovebirds lip-lock by the ocean?

    23. Is this poor dog living his final days?

    24. Will the fan get out of the way before this speeding soccer ball hits him?

    25. Will this hunter shoot down that poor little bird?

    26. Will this 90-year-old woman pull off a double backflip?

    27. How does this guy celebrate after scoring two points?

    28. Can this guy pull off this stunt?

    29. Can this guy actually fold a shirt in a fraction of a second?

    30. What can possibly go wrong with this guy playing around with a gun?

    31. Can this kennel of kittens get any more adorable?