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    Posted on Sep 21, 2016

    24 Times "Caso Cerrado" Made You Go "Ummm...WTF?"


    1. When your life came to a stand still:

    2. When your grandma didn't fully appreciate your silly little gift:

    3. When your parents were taught well:

    4. When your parents stopped trusting you:

    5. When your parents got a Twitter account:

    Telemundo / Via

    6. When a poor dog was at the center of a heated trial:

    7. When you fell in love with the audience members and couldn't do anything but stare:

    8. When you simply did not understand WTF was going on:

    9. When your nightmares came to life:

    10. When a leech made an appearance:

    Telemundo / Via

    11. When the show set the bar too high for real life:

    12. When the action spilled into your living room:

    13. When your mom got super judgmental:

    14. When they showed you the depths of the humanity:

    15. When they brought you to tears with this semi-hard case:


    16. When they tried to brighten up your day:

    17. When they ruined your relationship goals:

    18. When they took "wig snatch" to a whole new level:

    19. When they brought up this uncomfortable moment:

    20. When they showed you this culinary demonstration:


    21. When they convinced you to stop playing Pokemon Go:

    22. When they scarred you for life with this naked horror show:

    23. When they put your favorite court shows to shame:

    24. But in the end, at least you always had the greatest theme song in the world:


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