This Mariachi Cover Of "The Legend Of Zelda" Theme Will Blow Your Mind

    Put on your headphones because this will be the greatest thing you will ever listen to.

    This is a video of Mariachi Entertainment System playing "Gerudo Valley" from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in the style of mariachi:

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    Put on some headphones and watch this. You'll want to conquer the world immediately after.

    Mariachi Entertainment System is known for giving classic video game themes the mariachi treatment, combining two radically different music styles into one. It's truly badass.

    "I think it's very common for mariachis to want to explore other genres of music using mariachi instrumentation and arrangement," bandleader David Ortiz tells BuzzFeed.

    The San Antonio-based mariachi band has been playing together for the last six years and most of their mariachi covers can be found on their YouTube channel.

    Check out their awesome Star Wars "Throne Room" cover and be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel:

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    Also, you can check out Mariachi Entertainment System on Twitter and Facebook.