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Can We Focus On Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Powerful Speech, And NOT That Stupid Joke?

Like, for real.

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A collective gasp was heard around the world when Sean Penn, just before announcing the Oscar winner for Best Picture, said this:

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The winner was Birdman, a film directed, produced, and co-written by Alejandro González Iñárritu, who happens to be Mexican. It should be noted that Penn and Iñárritu both worked on the film 21 Grams and Iñárritu found the joke "hilarious."

We should instead focus on the powerful speech that Iñárritu delivered. It was a speech that rung true for many Mexicans and first-generation Mexican-Americans here in this country.

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This speech shines light on a whole mess of issues that have transpired within the last year, from a corrupt Mexican government, to DREAMers fighting for their right to live and prosper in the United States.

As Iñárritu also pointed out, we shouldn't forget that the Oscar for Best Director has been handed out to a Mexican for two years in a row:

"Maybe next year the government will inflict some immigration rules to the Academy? Two Mexicans in a row? That's suspicious, I guess," Iñárritu said last night.

So, yeah. Let's not allow for that joke to take away from what really matters: Iñárritu made a goddamn masterpiece and OWNED the spotlight on Sunday.

A great moment shared by Latinos all over.