This Is Why You Don’t Let Fans Pick World Cup Team Slogans

This is what happens when you let the internet decide things.

Hyundai held a competition that allowed fans to submit slogans for their national teams. The winners would have their slogans emblazoned across the side of their team’s bus.

Here are the winners (yes, these are real):

1. Algeria

The desert warriors are indeed in Brazil.

2. Argentina

You don’t say?

3. Australia

Get it? Because, like, Australia has kangaroos.

4. Belgium

That’s impossible.

5. Bosnia and Herzegovina

FYI, Dragons play soccer.

6. Brazil

Westeros is apparently playing in the World Cup.

7. Cameroon

Cameroon = Consistency.

9. Colombia

Colombia fits in a bus.

10. Costa Rica

You go Costa Rica!

11. Ivory Coast

“Screw it. We’ll just send a stampede.”

12. Croatia

If it worked for Rocky, it’ll work for Croatia.

13. Ecuador

How many players are on the Ecuadorian national team? One.

14. England

Fun fact: Shakespeare was born in England.

15. France

Yes, it is. It’s “impossible.”

17. Ghana

Astronomers would disagree.

18. Greece

Do they really?

19. Honduras

Honduras is both a country and a nation.

22. Japan

This one is actually pretty badass.

24. Mexico

Until Spain arrived… (too soon?)

25. Netherlands

Orange is the new pink.

26. Nigeria

A lot of teams tend to forget this (*cough* CRISTIANO RONALDO *cough*).

27. Portugal

You can’t predict the future, silly Portugal.

28. Russia


29. Spain

Revised slogan: “FUCK ALL Y’ALL! THE CHAMP IS HERE!”

30. Switzerland

The Swiss apparently have tickets to see the World Cup final.

31. Uruguay

Uruguay has THREE MILLION DREAMS! Suck it, Germany!

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