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21 "Pocahontas" Tattoos That Are Breathtakingly Beautiful

Sometimes the right tattoo is not the easiest one.

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1. This magical portrait of Pocahontas:

wyldchyldtattoo / Via

2. This playful interaction between Percy and Meeko:

bootattoo89 / Via

3. This beautiful profile of the badass Disney princess:

sirdrizzle / Via

4. This masterful line drawing and watercolor combination:

jesskaink / Via

5. This stunning portrayal of Grandmother Willow:

tat2cheeka / Via

6. This radiant silhouette of Pocahontas:

momma_freckles / Via

7. This colorful compass:

bluamaranth / Via

8. This small but fantastic tattoo hidden behind the ear:

_haley_anne / Via

9. This iconic compass:

geocupcake / Via

10. This wonderful scene within the Mickey logo:

adelineberry / Via

11. This perfect watercolor tattoo:

annemulcahy2 / Via

12. This compass that needs no words:

kaileelovetattoos / Via

13. The subtle nod to the colors of the wind:

bethgouldsbrough / Via

14. This heartwarming quote:

mrsmanic / Via

15. This masterpiece rendition of Pocahontas standing alongside a howling wolf:

tattoo_and_art / Via

16. This sneaky little wrist tattoo:

clairejacksonartwork / Via

17. This stunning line drawing:

sethblanco / Via

18. These hand-drawn flowers blowing in the wind:

josiesexton / Via

19. This minimalist piece:

jewjewco / Via

20. This magnificent artwork:

zettapoetta / Via

21. And finally, this simple yet splendid depiction of Pocahontas:

realtattooink / Via

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