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    FYI, Tamales Season Is Here So It's Time To End Your Fucking Diet

    Tamales all day every day...for real.

    As we all know, winter is here and it's cold as fuck. So we're busting out the San Marcos blankets, sipping on that Chocolate Abuelita (or Ibarra), and eating a large steel pot full of TAMALES.

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    Yup, tamales season is here.

    Quick info on these bad boys: Tamales are a Mesoamerican dish that consists of corn-based dough that's usually stuffed with chicken or pork.

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    It's also common to stuff them with some bomb-ass salsa verde, salsa roja, mole, or rajas (sliced up chiles and onions).

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    And it's all wrapped up and steamed in a corn husk (or a banana leaf) and it's fucking amazing.

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    Your abuela, your tía, and your mom probably have different ways of making tamales. And while it's super popular in Mexico, it's also consumed in many Central and South American countries. Point is, it's bomb AF and you need to put one in your mouth ASAP.

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    And let's not even talk about those hipsterfied overpriced chingaderas. I'm talking about handmade, lady on the street, made-with-love tamales.

    Or that fine batch of tamales your mom and aunt have been making for years.

    And, as we all know, a holiday season without tamales is just odd. Actually, it's more than odd. It's goddamn sacrilegious.

    But seriously, every family gathering, every breakfast, lunch, and dinner from here until February will be nothing but tamales.


    And let's be real: if you're on a diet, you're pretty much ~fucked~.

    Like, for real, it's the worst time to be on a diet.

    Because there's NO WAY you can eat only one tamale.

    Twitter: @JaySill

    It's scientifically impossible.

    And the year-long anticipation is just too much to handle, so when that large steel pot of tamales finally arrives, you KNOW you're going to town on those calorie bombs.

    After all, tamales season only comes once a year, so why not splurge a little. AMIRIGHT?


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    (Except the ones with dulce. No one likes those.)

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