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32 Things Only Soccer Players Would Understand


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1. You first started playing out on the street with your friends and cousins.

7. When you were forced to walk in line to high-five the other team for the sake of "sportsmanship."

Lucy Gray/ Flickr: elemenous

Absolutely no one cared about sportsmanship. Those high fives were meaningless. If anything, you probably hated everyone on the other team.


13. You never wanted to be on the practice team that had to wear bibs.

US Army Garrison Red Cloud - Casey/ Flickr: usagrc

Because your coach never actually washed them, even though they were drenched in sweat for the last six months.

16. Walking around from class to class with your soccer bag that had your name, player number and team logo on it was kinda cool.

"Yeah. I play soccer. And that makes me cooler than you."


17. But your soccer bag ALWAYS smelled horrendous. It didn't matter how much Febreeze you sprayed on it, the stench never went away.

18. When varsity training commenced, you didn't touch a ball for at least two weeks. It was all about that conditioning.

Suicides, VO2s, sprinting, laps, walking as a team, jogging as a team, sprinting as a team, you name it. It sucked.


29. SCREAMING. PARENTS (the worst of them all).