32 Things Only Soccer Players Would Understand


    1. You first started playing out on the street with your friends and cousins.

    2. You followed soccer on Univision, Telemundo, and the occasional World Cup and MLS game on ABC.

    3. Your parents signed you up to this league:

    4. You rarely liked your uniform.

    5. You rarely liked your team name.

    6. Everybody always wanted the same number.

    7. When you were forced to walk in line to high-five the other team for the sake of "sportsmanship."

    8. But at least there were oranges, Capri-Sun, and Fruit-By-The-Foot at the end of games.

    9. But as you got older, and signed up to the more competitive Club teams, those perks went away and that made you sad.

    10. You always felt the need to tape up your cleats, even though it was sometimes completely unnecessary.

    11. When the referees always asked you to knock on your shin guards and lift up your cleats before a game.


    13. You never wanted to be on the practice team that had to wear bibs.

    14. After a long, night practice, you could see steam coming out of your head.

    15. You and your family drove long distances to play games in cities you didn't even know existed.

    16. Walking around from class to class with your soccer bag that had your name, player number and team logo on it was kinda cool.

    17. But your soccer bag ALWAYS smelled horrendous. It didn't matter how much Febreeze you sprayed on it, the stench never went away.

    18. When varsity training commenced, you didn't touch a ball for at least two weeks. It was all about that conditioning.

    19. The beach was not a vacation spot, but rather a location for some brutal conditioning.

    20. The horrible feeling you get when your team was running sprints and you were the only one lagging behind.

    21. So. Many. Disk. Cones.

    22. Mini goal posts.

    23. You gauged other people's soccer skill by how well they juggled.

    24. You felt LIKE A BOSS when you could bust this move out on the field:

    25. And you felt deeply ashamed if you let the ball go between your legs:

    26. No matter how bad it hurts, blasting a ball straight into someone else's balls will ALWAYS BE FUNNY.



    29. SCREAMING. PARENTS (the worst of them all).


    30. These soccer parent tunnels after every game.

    31. The painful experience of ice-cold foot therapy after an injury.

    32. At the end of the day, soccer isn't just another sport. It runs through your veins.