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    22 Things Only People Who Shop At Daiso Will Understand


    1. You can't help but be lured by the magical aura of this beautiful neon sign.

    reis_thomas / Via

    2. You'll always be overwhelmed by cute animals on literally everything.

    artecriativaatelie / Via

    "I really don't need this mug... BUT LOOK AT THAT WITTLE PIGGY! IZ ZO CUTE!"

    3. Everything is cheap AF, so you'll end up buying the entire store for $100.

    meow_deleine_ / Via

    "I don't NEEEEEEEED this tiny kitten figurine...but it's only $1.50...PUT IT IN THE BASKET!"

    4. You'll have the urge to buy ALL THE POCKY.

    hello_leanne926 / Via

    Pocky City.

    5. You will find all the washi tape you'll ever need in your lifetime.

    poweezyplanning / Via


    6. It's pretty much a guarantee that you will take home more than a few cute ceramic animals.

    sethersk82 / Via

    "Is that a cat or a bunny? WHO CARES?! PUT IT IN THE BASKET!"

    7. You won't be able to leave the store without at least 20 facemasks.

    scummyneko / Via

    8. You will become obsessed with needle felting after coming across these adorable kits.

    leendaleeza / Via

    9. You'll find everything you need to keep your makeup game on point.

    fakebeautyqueen / Via

    10. You'll always come across items that are so useful it's mind-blowing...

    kimberlycecildesignstudio / Via


    11. ...and you'll always come across truly pointless items, but you'll buy them anyway because THEY'RE SOOO CUUUUUTE!!!!

    mischamidyette / Via

    12. Even if you're not in middle school, you'll buy all the stationery because it's simply adorable.

    phuongkhoa / Via

    13. You'll be charmed by mundane objects turned into tiny erasers.

    sheree.louise / Via

    "I have an awesome miso soup eraser..."

    14. Even if you don't buy anything (impossible), you just want to browse the aisles because they're so freakishly beautiful.

    billiamtodd / Via

    15. You will turn your boring keys into cute adorable animals.

    andressabalth / Via

    16. Sometimes you won't know exactly what you're looking at but you'll buy it anyway because ~CUUUUUUTE~.

    sarahinorisan / Via

    17. You will be tempted by Daiso's colorful, plastic kitchenware and will want to buy the entire kitchen aisle.

    daiso_usa / Via

    18. You'll feel like you're being stared at because everything has a face on it.

    kimberlycecildesignstudio / Via


    daricelt / Via

    20. Somehow, you're still surprised at how Daiso takes something boring and turns it into an adorable piece of art.

    daisojapanbrasil / Via

    21. There always seems to be unlimited amounts of Hi-Chew.

    kittiebob / Via

    22. And finally, you will never actually know why this piece of foam is so angry.

    windog / Via


    windog / Via

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