16 Reasons To Support Mexico In The World Cup

Get your red, white, and green face paint ready.

Real talk: Mexico’s road to the World Cup has been an extremely bumpy one.

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The U.S. saved us in our time of need (Thanks, U.S.).

Actually, bumpy isn’t the right word. Mexico’s performance as of late has been awful, horrible, terrible, no good, trash, painful, excruciating, frustrating, harsh, and just plain bad.

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Just keeping it real.

There are many reasons for the sad state of Mexico’s National Team. But one thing is for sure: WE WILL BE THERE TO SUPPORT UNCONDITIONALLY.

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Because it’s in our blood.

Here are some reasons for why you should support the Mexican National Team at the World Cup:

1. Miguel Herrera is the most entertaining head coach in Mexican soccer history.


After going through THREE coaches in one year, Mexico finally settled on this man as our only hope. The man has passion and sometimes that’s all it takes. And seriously, who can forget this epic celebration.

2. He loves to take selfies and that’s awesome.

En @miseleccionmx hay buen grupo y vamos a hacer historia en este mundial. #VamosMexico #QuieroCreer #SelfieSeleccion

— Miguel Herrera (@MiguelHerreraDT)

He takes them with everyone.

Selfie cuerpo tຜnico @miseleccionmx

— Miguel Herrera (@MiguelHerreraDT)


Selfie elegante!!! @MiguelHerreraDT @CH14_ @OficialGio @Diego_Reyes13 @HHerreramex @MarcoFabian_10 @1AlfredoTala

— Guillermo Ochoa (@yosoy8a)

Even with the President of Mexico.

No pod໚ faltar la #SelfieSeleccion con el Presidente de la Repྫlica.

— Miguel Herrera (@MiguelHerreraDT)

3. Herrera’s 5-3-2 formation might keep us on the defensive side, but like they say in soccer, “Strikers wins games. Defenders win championships.”

4. Rafael Marquez will guide the team to victory. He might be past his prime, but his experience and leadership are essential in maintaining a stable defense.

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As long as he doesn’t get hotheaded like in the 2002 World Cup.

Poor Cobi.

5. Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez aka the poster boy for El Tricolor. He’s in charge of scoring goals. He needs your support. Like, for real.

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6. Now that he’s playing for Spain’s Villareal F.C., Giovani dos Santos will finally show up to Brazil ready to shine.

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Just like Chicharito, dos Santos has also struggled in El Tricolor as of late. But fans are confident both will bring their A-game to Brazil. They don’t have a choice.

7. Oribe Peralta will bring back the glory days of 2012, where he helped Mexico win the Gold Medal at the London Olympics, with a 2-1 win over Brazil in the finals.

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Brazil is beatable, btw.

8. José de Jesús Corona will be our savior when he blocks every one of Brazil’s shots to goal.

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Like Gandalf, he will not let anything pass.

9. But there’s always the legendary prowess of Guillermo “Memo” Ochoa.

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One can never decide which goalkeeper is the best.

10. Yes, the traditional green shirt is awesome, but that red jersey is pretty much everything.


Doesn’t matter what people say, that red shirt is dope.

11. Mexico has made spectacular comebacks before, like France ‘98 when Luis Hernandez scored that qualifying goal against Holland.

It was the first time Mexico qualified into the Round of 16 for a World Cup in Europe.

12. Miguel Herrera is so focused on winning, that he’s prohibited his players from eating red meat and having sex.

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13. Soccer is in our blood. The Aztecs used to play a more hardcore version of the game called Ullamaliztli, where they would try to score the ball through a stone hoop using only their knees, hips, elbows and head.

It was extremely difficult. Also, the ball was made out of deer skin. NBD.

14. Skipping work to go watch El Tricolor is a perfectly acceptable.

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15. When Mexico scores a goal, an adrenaline rush pulses through your body and it’s the greatest feeling ever.

Seriously, you’ll never forget it.

16. Mexico is way more than a soccer team.

You’re not just supporting eleven players kicking around a soccer ball. You’re supporting a country, a culture, an identity that’s deeply ingrained inside every Mexican and Mexican-American all over the world. You’re supporting an entity that connects everyone with Mexican blood in their veins. It doesn’t matter whether you’re black, white, brown, rich, or poor, for a 90-minute soccer game, you’re all on the same team, all across the globe, watching your cultural identity represented on a global platform.

So… what are Mexico’s chances of winning the World Cup?

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