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    If You Feel Like You Don't Have Your Life Together, Look At This Post

    Organization is key to happiness.

    1. Take a look at these neatly organized binders:

    2. Or what about this beautiful shelf?:

    3. Have you seen a desktop cleaner than this one?:

    4. What about this gorgeous book desk at a library?:

    5. Look at the way these tables are stacked:

    6. Now look at these bottles of Jarritos:

    7. These gummy bears are pretty cool:

    8. So is this entire supermarket aisle:

    9. Could staples and clips look any sexier?:

    10. What about these Splendas:

    11. Or these tea cups:

    12. Or these McNuggets?:

    13. These four little boxes fit TOO perfectly inside this one giant box:

    14. This entire drawer was made for these tissues:

    15. And these kitchen supplies:

    16. Look at this decked out tool wall:

    17. And this gorgeous silverware arrangement:

    18. While this might look like wood, it's actually a box of cards:

    19. And this is a box of Goosebumps books:

    20. Look at these pencils:


    22. Now, I leave you with some colorful markers that are sure to brighten up your day: