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This Beautiful Selena-Inspired Fan Art Will Blow Your Mind

You could fall in love with these.

We all love Selena, right? Of course we do! While we choose to honor the Tejano icon in our unique ways, these artists have immortalized Selena through their art. These works are proof of the indelible mark the singer had in our lives.

Here are some of our favorites:

rocio_cintron / Via

Artist: Rocío Cintrón
theproducerbdb / Via
theproducerbdb / Via
San Sigüenza / Via

Artist: San Sigüenza

mtrujillo_art / Via
Christina Leal / Via

Artist: Christina Leal
randyrobledo / Via

Artist: Randy Robledo

flojalife / Via

Artist: Regina Román AKA Flojalife

huescaarts / Via
trebla_art / Via

Artist: Albert Gonzales

acardgame1 / Via

Artist: George Alvia

rommyyy123 / Via

Artist: Rommy Torrico

ernestoyerena / Via

Artist: Ernesto Yerena

laurinadraws / Via

Artist: Lauren Dragoo

Artist: The Selinas

Harvey del Reyy / Via
Harvey del Reyy / Via
Harvey del Rey / Via
Harvey del Rey / Via

Artist: Harvey del Rey

mrs_spiderface_tilden / Via


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