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For Everyone Who Speaks English, Spanish, And Spanglish

Pero like...for real.

The year is 2017, and the United States of America is full of Latinos, many who are proficient in both English and Spanish*.

Somewhere along the way, English started seeping into our Spanish vernacular and vice versa. And so, our chill linguistic repertoire slowly evolved into what we call SPANGLISH.

That's right. SPANGLISH. When you can't think of the word in one language, you can switch over to the other. IT'S PERFECT.

We are proud of our Spanglish.

Because, hell, now we speak THREE languages. Spanish, English, and SPANGLISH. We're trilingual!

And even though Spanglish has its fair share of haters...

...we speak Spanglish porque se nos da la pinche gana.

Spanglish isn't going anywhere. It's here to stay.

Because you know what's cool about this beautiful country of ours? There's no official language.

So, we can speak Spanglish freely and proudly.

We're proud Americans. And we're also proud of our roots, our heritage, and the language of our parents and ancestors, and nobody is going to suppress that.

So be proud of your Spanglish.

Porque somos chingones :).