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13 Reasons Why "Be Prepared" From "The Lion King" Is Actually The Most Horrifying Scene Ever

This is essentially gore.

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1. Scar doesn't give a shit about the potentially toxic gases spraying him in the face.


This dude keeps singing. He's like, "Toxic gases? HAKUNA MATATA, FOOL!"

2. The hyenas like to dive into a pool of their prey's skeletal remains, and wear their skulls as hats... and they laugh about it.


Now keep in mind, in this universe of The Lion King, ALL THE ANIMALS TALK AND HAVE PERSONALITIES. Just think about that as you see that pile of bones.

3. Scar doesn't do subtlety. He flat out tells everyone, in the most gleeful manner, that he's going to KILL HIS BROTHER AND HIS NEPHEW.

And the hyenas react to Scar's dastardly plan by celebrating. That is some fucked up shit.

4. Also, Banzai falls square on his ass onto a pile of ribs and no one seems to care.



And then there's the Nazi stuff...

5. Scar turns into Adolf Hitler.


That's Hitler on the right in the Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will. It's horrifying.

6. Like, for real.

7. The hyenas turn into a Nazi army.

8. Also the rays of light that appear in the marching scene closely resemble the lights featured at the Nuremburg Rallies.


9. Scar watches as one of his hyenas plunges into the depths of hell.


This hyena screams in horror as he falls and burns alive. This hyena probably had a family. No one cares.

10. Scar and the hyenas are completely unfazed by the fact that there's a GIANT FUCKING EARTHQUAKE spewing fire and lava.


Like, seriously. It looks like the apocalypse has commenced, blowing up the world around them, and all they care about is singing and dancing about killing a bro and his kid. This is fucking evil.

11. These hyenas play shadow puppets with the skeletons of their prey before violently smashing them to pieces.


"OH LOOK! Dancing skeletons! Haha! Just playing. We're just smashing them with out teeth." – The Hyenas.

Nasty. Just plain nasty.

12. This dude is using an elephant's skeletal remains as a xylophone because WHY THE FUCK NOT?


13. And then they all have a good laugh at the end because they're all PSYCHOPATHS.


This last part is some real Charles Manson Family shit.

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