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One Direction Fans Were Disappointed When WWE's Sami Zayn Started Trending On Twitter

Sorry Directioners... Sami Zayn is not Zayn Malik.

Last night on Monday Night Raw, WWE Superstar Sami Zayn challenged John Cena for the United States Championship.

The match took place in Montreal, Zayn's hometown. He was introduced by fellow Canadian and WWE Legend Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Although Zayn lost the bout, he delivered a jaw-dropping performance against WWE veteran John Cena.

Following the match, his name started trending worldwide on Twitter:

It confused many Directioners, who thought their beloved Zayn Malik had resurfaced:

When you look at the trending and see Sami Zayn, you click on it, and it's not about Zayn

Something called "Sami Zayn" is trending. And I am disappointed to see it's not about @SamanthColeman marrying Zayn Malik.

When you realize 'Sami Zayn' is not about Zayn Malik

LOL haters are all over that zayn trend when really its zayn malik > sami zayn

"My face when I thought 'Sami Zayn' had to do with Zayn Malik."

Mi cara al creer que el TT "Sami Zayn" tenía que ver con Zayn Malik

"Sami Zayn" is trending It's not about Zayn Malik

I thought the sami zayn trend was about zayn malik and i was like wtf does sami mean

"I clicked on Sami Zayn thinking it was our Zayn."

Entre al TT y pensé que lo de "Sami Zayn" era sobre nuestro Zayn 😂😖

I even did not know There was someone called ZAYN, that was not Zayn Malik. I am a bit confused about Sami Zayn.

"That Sami Zayn has nothing to do with @zaynmalik. I think they did the TT for the Directioners."

No tiene nada que ver con @zaynmalik ese Sami Zayn, se me hace que es TT por las Directioners.

*grabs mic* *sees sami zayn is trending* *realizes it not about zayn* *drops mic* *loses interest* *leaves*

"When you click on 'Sami Zayn' and you realize it has nothing to do with Zayn Malik."

Cuando entras al TT "sami zayn" y te das cuenta que no tiene nada que ver con ZAYN MALIK.

When i saw '' Sami Zayn '' on the trending list i thought it is about Zayn lol .. God i miss him , i never thought i'd miss him this bad

When you thought 'Sami Zayn' was all abt Zayn and then.. #Directioners4Music

"When you realize 'Sami Zayn' has nothing to do with Zayn Malik."

Cuando te das cuenta de que el Sami Zayn no estaba relacionado con Zayn Malik._.

Sorry, Directioners. Sami Zayn is not Zayn Malik and he's not in One Direction...


Sami Zayn has joined One direction. @iLikeSamiZayn @WWEUniverse #OneDirection