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21 "Sailor Moon" Tattoos That You Will Truly Fall In Love With

In the name of the moon, these tattoos are awesome.

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1. This playful depiction of the OG Sailor Moon:

@oleg_pimchenko / Via

2. This joyful portrayal of Luna:

mat_schultz / Via

3. This beautiful locket:

gugmart / Via

4. This tattoo of Sailor Moon as an ice cream cone:

alexstrangler / Via

5. A chibi version of Black Lady and Luna looking fly:

jessicavtattoos / Via

6. A simple yet charming tattoo of Sailor Neptune:

horibenny / Via

7. Chibi Sailor Moon in a Luna costume:

michelabottin / Via

8. These adorable tattoos of Luna and Artemis waving at each other:

mixedbberries / Via

9. This delightful tattoo of Luna looking at the moon:

gemmabunny / Via

10. This gorgeous tattoo featuring three badasses:

sarahktattoo / Via

11. This incredibly vicious Spiral Heart Moon Rod:

miamisshake / Via

12. This cool tattoo of Luna-P:

lex_15tattoo / Via

13. This amazing tattoo of Sailor Mars:

samtysontattoos / Via

14. This tattoo of Luna looking like a goddess:

mikeytattoo916 / Via

15. These charming foot tattoos of Luna and Artemis:

ohnic_hole / Via

16. This Star Power Stick that looks like a flower:

melvin_arizmendi / Via

17. This minimalist outline of Luna:

kinotyana / Via

18. This hand tattoo of the Chibi Moon Compact:

dedizione_ / Via

19. These tattoos that perfectly capture the romance between Usagi and Mamoru Chiba:

lunacee_ / Via

20. This beautiful back tattoo of Sailor Moon's silhouette:

sharvs90 / Via

21. And finally, this back tattoo of a fierce-looking Sailor Moon:

paolomurtastattoo / Via

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