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14 Reasons Why Wayne From "The Wonder Years" Was The Worst Piece Of Shit Ever

The guy was seriously a butthead.

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So we all remember The Wonder Years, right?


A masterpiece of a TV show that told the coming-of-age story of Kevin Arnold (played by a brilliant Fred Savage) and his experiences growing up in the late '60s and early '70s. If you do not know anything about this TV show, you should feel ashamed and Netflix it IMMEDIATELY.

In the show, Kevin had an older brother. This guy:


Wayne Arnold (played masterfully by Jason Hervey) had a combative personality often clashed with Kevin's more eccentric ways. They had a typical sibling relationship that all of America found relatable. There's just one thing...


1. Wanye's incredible jackassery was especially awful throughout Season 3, when he blatantly embarrasses his brother Kevin in front of his crush.


When picking up Kevin from the mall, Wayne does that thing older brothers do where they say, "Get in!" and then drive off as soon as you touch the door. It's one thing to do it in the privacy of your own driveway. It's another to do it in front of your school crush. Older brothers are supposed to be wingmen, not assholes. Wayne is an asshole.

9. So what does Wayne do? Wayne goes bezerk and drives around dangerously, in an effort to scare the shit out of his little brother.

12. But after the car came to a halt, for the first time ever, we see Wayne show a hint of compassion toward his little brother.

13. And for a brief moment, we see Wayne and Kevin enjoy a genuine moment of laughter.


Wayne was probably happy that he acquired a new outlook on life, learning that he should cherish his family while he's still on this earth. He probably learned a valuable lesson about being an older brother, how he should look after his younger sibling and not torment him half to death. Way to go, Wayne. You might not be so bad after all...

Wayne didn't learn shit. He is shit. He's not only the worst brother in television history, but he's an example of how low humanity can get. He has no self-respect or respect for his family and he is a soulless piece of garbage.

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