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    21 Reasons Why CM Punk Is Loved By The WWE Universe

    In the midst of Wrestlemania season, CM Punk has broken up with the WWE. They need to win him back ASAP.

    1. Whether he's grappling...

    WWE / Via

    Dropping elbows...

    WWE / Via

    Or straight up making people go to sleep...

    WWE / Via

    CM Punk has proven time and again why he's "The Best in the World."

    WWE / Via

    2. Punk's career began in grungy backyards and garages in the mid-'90s.

    WWE / Via

    3. They don't call him "The Straight Edge Superstar" for nothing.


    He doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs. He's straight edge and "that makes [him] better than you."

    4. He's a pescatarian.


    He was a vegetarian at one point too. He wrote the intro to Natalie Slater's cookbook Bake and Destroy: Good Food for Bad Vegans.

    5. He's got some pretty awesome tattoos.

    Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

    Some of the more famous ones include a giant Pepsi logo on his left shoulder, the Cobra Command logo from G.I Joe on his right one, ice cream, bacon, scrambled eggs and pancakes on his arms, and "Drug Free" on his knuckles.

    6. He visited Thomas Dotterer, a 77-year-old army veteran, after he was shot in the face during a robbery.

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    ABC 9

    After recovering from surgery, Dotterer said what really ruined his week was CM Punk losing the WWE Championship against The Rock at the 2013 Royal Rumble.

    7. He was bullied in school for loving pro wrestling, listening to "weird" music, dying his hair, and painting his nails.

    But who's gonna bully you when you've got STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN right behind you...and the British Bulldog.

    8. He will call you out on on live TV if you are being rude.

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    WWE / Via

    9. He can play a bad guy EXTREMELY well.

    WWE / Via

    When Punk played a Jesus-like character converting people to his Straight Edge Society faction, a grandmother jumped the rails and slapped him across the face, shouting, "You are not Jesus. You will burn in hell for your sins."

    10. He will not tolerate bad grammar from his critics.

    Nerdist / Via

    11. He's a world-class orator.

    WWE / Via

    All it took was one impromptu monologue to make him a superstar overnight.

    12. He put Chris Brown in his place.

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    CM Punk / Via

    He said what everyone was thinking.

    13. He wrote the intro to the hardcover edition of Marvel's Avengers vs. X-Men.

    Marvel / Via

    His catchphrase, "IT'S CLOBBERING TIME!" is inspired by The Thing from Fantastic Four.

    14. He reported the weather once.

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    Fox 59 / Via

    This happened and it was awesome.

    15. He's an avid fan of punk and hardcore.


    He's longtime friends with Rancid's lead guitarist, Lars Fredericksen.

    16. He's trained in Brazilian jujitsu, having studied under Rener Gracie.

    17. He stole Undertaker's urn.

    Imagine someone stealing the urn with your father's ashes in them... Yeah...

    18. If someone challenges him to a match, he'll take it, even if it's his day off.


    After being called out at an autograph signing at FCW, Punk worked an impromptu match with Dean Ambrose.

    19. Kermit is his homie.

    Don't believe it? Click here.

    20. He held the WWE Championship for 434 days, the longest since Hulk Hogan in the '80s.

    WWE / Via

    21. At the 2011 Money in the Bank PPV in Chicago, fans witnessed one of the greatest ovations for a WWE superstar.

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    WWE / Via

    He was playing a bad guy, but Chicago cheered for their hometown hero anyway.

    Wrestlemania 30 will potentially be the first Wrestlemania without CM Punk in eight years.

    WWE / Via

    The protests have just begun.

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