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    18 Hilarious Memes About Tamales That Are Way Too Real

    Brace yourself...TAMALES SEASON IS UPON US!

    1. When you just can't get enough.

    2. When tamales are too much to handle.

    3. When you try being reasonable about the amount of tamales you're about to consume.

    4. When your dietary habits change due to ~tamales~.

    5. When you face the hardships of eating tamales.

    6. When you're like, "Star Wars"?

    7. When the force is strong with tamales.

    8. When you go overboard on tamales.

    9. When you get in shape.

    10. When you fall in love.

    11. When you got a backup plan.

    12. When you realize the key to life.

    13. When you have to do tamal math.

    14. When you come across that one dude who's like, "You know what? I don't like tamales."

    15. When you go over to your S.O.'s family and they're serving turkey.

    16. When it's 10 p.m. on Christmas Eve and there are no tamales in sight.

    17. When the tamales are finally ready.

    18. And finally, when the tamales start talking to you.