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Holy Shit, This Music Video About A Cult If Really Fucking Weird And I Love It

"Pero pero pero pero pero like...STFU!"

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OK, stop what your doing and put on some headphones 'cause you need to watch Jarina De Marco's new music video "STFU" — a badass anthem that'll plug itself into your head for the rest of the day. SERIOUSLY.

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The video also features BuzzFeed's very own Pero Like.


According to the description in the video, "Jarina presides over her lavender clad congregants and ritualistically washes away the fucks that her disciples give, until they are cleansed and can unleash their 'STFU' spirit."

Prior to "STFU," Jarina was known for "Tigre," which was featured on the Broad City soundtrack, and "Release the Hounds," a song made in support of the Standing Rock pipeline protests.

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