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21 People Who Know How To Handle Food Like A Boss

Welcome to the culinary school of hard knocks.

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1. This guy who doesn't have time to deal with watermelon rind.

2. These dudes who understand the importance of teamwork.

3. This guy who turns cotton candy into an art form.

4. This person who takes "quick turnaround time" very seriously.

5. These ladies in Thailand who put an interesting twist on ice cream.

1. Mash up bananas, strawberries, and chocolate cream on a freezing surface.

2. Spread it.

3. Scrape it.

4. BOSS.

6. This man who chops scrambled eggs in the most awesome way possible.

7. This guy who serves a taco like a ninja.

8. This chef whose ramen-making skills put your Cup Noodles to shame.

9. This guy who practices ballet while making iced tea. #Multitasking.

10. These dudes who made three large pizzas in record-breaking time.

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11. This dude who found a way to peel an apple in three seconds.

12. This man who didn't have a peeler. So he said, "That's OK. I'll just use this GIANT FUCKING KNIFE."

13. This guy who thinks cutting boards are overrated.

14. This guy who is going bananas making those street crêpes.

15. This dude who went all Michelangelo on this watermelon.

16. This Turkish ice cream vendor who likes to troll his customers just because he can.

17. This guy who turns cucumbers into scrolls.

18. This guy who cracks eggs in mid-air because, you know, he's a badass.

19. This lady who operates faster than you can say "cake."

20. This dude who can wok it all night long.

21. This dude who made 12 breakfast burgers in less than five minutes. He spread six eggs over an iron grill, like an omelette:

He put 12 patties on top of the egg:

He flippity-flopped sauces onto the patties:

He chopped it evenly and served them on buns LIKE A BOSS! TAKE THAT MCDONALD'S!

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