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We Need To Admit Maná's "Oye Mi Amor" Is The Greatest Rock Song Of All Time

For everyone who's not frió y aburrido.

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Yo. It's time we give one of the greatest rock songs in history the praise it deserves.

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You've heard it at weddings, quinceañeras, and pretty much any family gathering where there's a Latino DJ with musical taste.

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I'm talking about "Oye Mi Amor" by Maná. If you haven't heard it, brace yourself for an experience:

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Making people lose their shit at dance parties since 1992.

Say whatever you want about Maná, but they created a song that will forever pull your heartstrings and make you rip the dance floor like a goddamn rockstar.

WEA Latina

From the very first drum beat, the song creates a vortex of emotions that'll cause you to scream into the open air like this:



And then, Fher sings the first lyric of the song, and it takes you to a whole new level of euphoria:

WEA Latina / Via

If you're a hardcore Maná fan, you'll know all the lyrics to this song. But most people just kinda mumble along after the first line. That is until...

...this line:

Yeah! Fuck that guy!

Yeah! Fuck that guy!

And then you get to THE ICONIC CHORUS that everyone, from your tías and uncles, to your cholo cousins, to your college-bound rockero siblings will sing off the top of their lungs:

RIP vocal chords.

RIP vocal chords.

And the whole time this song is playing, everybody's on the dance floor dancing like this:



The power of this song is undeniable.

It will forever linger in your head.

It's a song that's part of your deep-rooted rockero identity.

And it's a war cry of love:

Seriously though, this is a song that never gets old. You can play it a hundred, a thousand, a millions times, and it will NEVER. GET. OLD. It gets people hyped up for life.

So play this song and be more like this homie:

And less like, well, this guy:

Listen to the song and watch the SUPER early '90s music video here:

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