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We Need To Admit Maná's "Oye Mi Amor" Is The Greatest Rock Song Of All Time

For everyone who's not frió y aburrido.

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I'm talking about "Oye Mi Amor" by Maná. If you haven't heard it, brace yourself for an experience:

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Making people lose their shit at dance parties since 1992.

And then, Fher sings the first lyric of the song, and it takes you to a whole new level of euphoria:

WEA Latina / Via

If you're a hardcore Maná fan, you'll know all the lyrics to this song. But most people just kinda mumble along after the first line. That is until...


And then you get to THE ICONIC CHORUS that everyone, from your tías and uncles, to your cholo cousins, to your college-bound rockero siblings will sing off the top of their lungs:


Seriously though, this is a song that never gets old. You can play it a hundred, a thousand, a millions times, and it will NEVER. GET. OLD. It gets people hyped up for life.

So play this song and be more like this homie:

Listen to the song and watch the SUPER early '90s music video here:

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