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17 Jaw-Dropping GIFs Of The Greatest Move In Wrestling History

An appreciation of one of the greatest WWE finishers of all time.

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So, this is Randy Orton:

Gallo Images / Getty Images

He's a 12-time WWE Champion and overall badass. He's a third-generation wrestling superstar (his grandfather Bob Orton, Sr., his father "Cowboy" Bob Orton, and his uncle Barry Orton all competed in the squared circle). At 35 years of age, he's considered a seasoned veteran in the wrestling business and will one day be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

They also call him "The Viper."

His finishing maneuver is the RKO:


The move is simple yet devastating: He jumps in the air, grabs the back of his opponent's head, and falls flat on his back, driving his opponent's face into the mat. The move is intended to damage the opponent's face, neck, jaw, and spine.

Whether you love or hate this Superstar, you cannot deny that the move looks pretty sweet. Let's be real: It's one of the greatest finishers of all time. Why? Well...