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This Is The Hottest Telenovela Fight Scene Of All Time

Is it me or is it getting a lil' hot in here?

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So, this is Alejandro "Alex" Lombardo Villavicencio (played by actor and professional eye candy William Levy). He's the main protagonist of the hit telenovela Sortilegio.


He's the angelic good guy, who's super nice and just wants what's best for his family. He's also dreamy AF and everybody WANTS. THAT. D.

And this is Bruno Albéniz Sarmiento (played by Mexican SEX GOD David Zepeda). Here he is lounging like a beautiful daffodil on a warm sunny day.


Unlike Alex, Bruno is a big bad meanie with devilish intentions. This guy = Bad guy. Oh, and he's also Alex's stepbrother. And he lives at home.

A little context: These two stepbros are in love with the same woman (Maria Jose), so they got some intense beef with each other. In this scene, their beef is about to turn into some serious carne asada.

Bruno gets up and tries getting his phone back.


What's in that phone? Who knows? But that shit is important and Bruno does not have his phone password-protected. Lesson: Password-protect your shit.


The two grapple each other like ancient Greek wrestlers slathered in baby oil. We have this beautiful cinematic shot of Alex's suit rubbing up against Bruno's ultra manly pectoral muscles.

They roll around on the ground like two blood-THIRSTY animals, but all the camera can focus on is Bruno's fine ass clothed in some skintight, cadmium yellow underwear.

As Alex and Bruno crash onto the ground floor, this servant is like...


He immediately starts shouting "SEÑORA VICTORIA!" because homeboy is incapable of getting in between these two piping hot studs.

Watch the whole thing here:

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