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Updated on Aug 19, 2020. Posted on Dec 27, 2014

27 Photos That Will Make You Irrationally Mad At The World

Probably time to hire a new contractor. H/T /r/MildlyInfuriating.

1. This carpet and tiles that are not perfectly lined up.

2. This architectural travesty:

3. And this one too:

4. The person in-charge of this sidewalk repair:

5. This column that's not doing its job:

6. This floor tile design flaw:

7. This God-forsaken lunch table bench:

8. Whoever designed this walk way:

9. The way these fluorescents are lined up in this hallway:

10. The directions on this door:

11. This incredibly sloppy door frame:

12. This electrical socket peeping from behind the bed frame:

13. Whoever designed this landscape:

14. This bench from hell:

15. These empty, empty holes on the sidewalk with nothing to fill them with:

16. This monstrous tile design on the floor:

17. This door stop that didn't feel like doing its job:

18. This glitch in the matrix:

19. The way this sink pours water:

20. The artistic alignment of these paper towel dispensers:

21. Whoever designed the placement of these door knobs:

22. The step that's clearly phoning it in:

23. The world's most inconvenient dish washer:

24. This bathroom that was designed for people with large arms:

25. These randomly placed lights:

26. The poor placement of this hand-dryer:

27. And finally, this light whose reaction time is quite slow:

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