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    19 Tweets That Will Speak To Anyone Obsessed With King Taco


    1. When you're walking around an unfamiliar neighborhood and you come across the king's castle:

    2. When King Taco's burritos give you that special feeling...inside:

    3. When you try out their iconic red sauce:

    4. When somebody challenges the greatness of the red sauce:

    5. When somebody asks you this heartwarming question:

    6. When somebody dares to utter "Tacos de Gavilán" in the same sentence as King Taco:

    7. When they call out your number but you can't understand because they're screaming it in Spanish:

    8. When they skip your number and you feel betrayed, alone, and totally helpless:

    9. When they call your number, and you suddenly feel like everything is alright with the world:

    10. When throw your BAE under the bus because King Taco is calling your name:

    11. When you banish the haters who tarnish the good name of King Taco:

    12. When it's 4:20 a.m. and you're about to order:

    13. When someone brings you King Taco and you just wanna ride into the sunset with them:

    14. When you're in deep sleep and the only way to wake you up is to mention the words "King" and "Taco" together:

    15. When you're on a diet, but King Taco keeps taunting you:

    16. When you know exactly what you want:

    17. When you're a bad Catholic but King Taco puts you in check:

    18. When somebody's like, "What is King Taco?":

    19. When you celebrate your milestones by going to King Taco:

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