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29 Times Anime Mastered This Whole Food Thing

BRB... going to put myself in a Miyazaki film.

1. Let's start with a delicious rice omelette. Look at the way the egg drapes over that mound of fried rice:

2. Not into omelets? Here's a fried egg over a bowl of white rice:

Topped with just the right amount of soy sauce.

3. Here's some hot, thick, CREAMY vegetable soup for anyone who feels like taking it light:

4. And there's plenty more where that came from:

All of it... In my mouth... NOW!

5. Are you into bento boxes?

The answer is always yes.

6. They're the best, aren't they?

The answer is still always yes.

7. :::drool:::

8. Here are some cute little sandwiches that are OFF THE HOOK:

9. Who wants some sizzling, hot, savory bacon?

Studio Ghibli

Bacon bacon bacon? Bacon, bacon bacon.

10. What about some crunchy shrimp tempura?

The sound the tempura makes on the first bite is heavenly, followed by that chewy shrimp texture, seasoned with just enough spices that won't overpower the shrimp's delicate flavor.

11. Or some juicy medium-rare steak that's so tender that a butter knife could cut through it... like butter.

12. Are you more of a chicken person? Have some tender chicken over steamed brown rice and vegetables:

With just a hint of garlic and teriyaki sauces to tie in all the flavors.

13. Are you down for some homemade Cup o' Noodles?

That's right. For college kids, this is ~homemade~.

14. Or do you want the real thing?

A good bowl of ramen will make you all warm and fuzzy on a cold winter night. It's so good even your soul will feel it.

15. Just be careful of those hot, thick pork cutlets. Their juicy flavor will make you weep.

Studiio Ghibli/

16. And don't forget to slurp.


17. Anybody down for some thin cuts of beef, sizzled over an open grill, sautéed in onions, jalapeños, and soy sauce?

18. Or do you just want to stick to the usual pepperoni pizza, topped with mushrooms, olives, and green peppers?

With the cheese that ~oozes~ off the crust.

19. Sushi Master Jiro Ono could not make sushi look this good!


On second thought, he probably can.

20. Before we get to the desserts, here's some coffee for those who like it black and sweet:


21. Not a coffee person? Here's some hot tea with a spoonful of sweet honey.

22. And then, there's cake...


24. Oh... my... god...

25. So what have we learned? Food is life.

Studio Ghibli

26. Food is what we live for.

27. Food is magic.

28. Food is love.

At the end of a horrible day, when you think your life is shit and all is gloom and dim, and you think nothing will ever make you smile again...

Studio Ghibli/

29. ...a red-bean steamed bun just might do the trick.


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