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    Posted on Oct 25, 2016

    19 Times Life Was The Ultimate Cabron

    When life gives you pos ta cabron.

    1. When your mom's got a better love life than you:

    2. When your dad makes a dad joke:

    3. When you got siblings:

    4. When you can't deal with this election season:

    5. When life is moving too damn fast:

    6. When you're tired AF:

    7. When you're toking up:

    8. When your mom drags your love life:

    9. When life wants to really mess you up:

    10. When you have a recognizable face:

    mppriv / Via Getty Images

    11. When your mom has no faith in you:

    12. When you ain't got no monies:

    13. Summer school:

    14. Every time Mexico gets an ass whoopin':

    15. When your mom gets a Facebook account:

    Andreus / Via Getty Images

    16. When someone says those three magical words:

    17. When Shakira lied:

    18. When you've had a tough life:

    19. And finally, when you simply don't have anything else to say:

    sripfoto / Via Getty Images

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