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This Scene From "Selena" Perfectly Captures What It's Like To Be Latino In The U.S.

For Mexican-Americans and everyone else living in the hyphen.

So, we've all seen Selena, right?

While the film has many iconic moments ("Anything for Salinas!"), there's one scene in particular that hits home for Mexican-Americans and pretty much ALL U.S. Latinos.

So, Abraham informs A.B. and Selena that they were offered to play a gig in Monterrey, Mexico.

A.B. and Selena are both ECSTATIC. But Abraham...well...he's not too happy. And this is where he teaches his kids the difference between being Mexican and Mexican-American.

So, Selena, not able to comprehend the struggle of ~living in the hyphen~, responds in kind:

Abraham then points out an issue that U.S. Latinos (especially the children of immigrants) can relate to: speaking Spanish.

Abraham then goes into a monologue that's WAAAAY TOO REAL for U.S. Latinos.

Luckily, Selena and A.B. know exactly what they need to get the job done in Monterrey.

Being a U.S. Latino comes with its own set of struggle,s and Abraham perfectly captures that frustration. There's a constant sense of rejection because we live right down the middle between two large identities (the hyphen).

But did that stop Selena from succeeding in life?

No, it did not.

Watch the whole thing here:

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