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    18 Miyazaki Nail Art Designs That Will Blow You Away


    1. Beautiful.

    kitsunenails / Via

    Featuring Totoro and the Sootballs.

    2. Cute.

    miyukiarts / Via

    Featuring No Face, Totoro, the Sootballs, a Kodama, and Jiji.

    3. Gorgeous.

    sydvicious88 / Via

    Featuring Calcifer, Totoro, Jiji, No Face, and Kodama.

    4. Delightful.

    toothandnailart / Via

    Featuring No Face and the Sootballs.

    5. Dazzling.

    theglassesandthenails / Via

    Featuring imagery from Ponyo.

    6. Stunning.

    akiko_nails / Via

    Featuring Ashitaka, San, and the Kodama. and the Forest Spirit.

    7. Wonderful.

    yu_tamachi / Via

    Featuring Jiji and No Face.

    8. Rad.

    lovelili95 / Via

    Featuring Ponyo, Sōsuke, and a Sister.

    9. Badass.

    lynnvuong / Via

    Feauting Moro, San, and a Kodama.

    10. Superb.

    nailartbyjools / Via

    Featuring the Sootballs.

    11. Awesome.

    orchidsalon / Via

    Featuring Totoro, Chibi Totoro, and the Sootballs.

    12. Lovely.

    toothandnailart / Via

    Feauring No Face, Totoro, Sootballs, and a Kodama.

    13. Perfect.

    lovelili95 / Via

    Featuring Jiji, Totoro, Calcifer, and Chibi Totoro.

    14. Kawaii.

    weiyeee / Via

    Featuring all three Totoros and the Sootballs.

    15. Wicked.

    herpaintedkeratin / Via

    Featuring Totoro and Mei.

    16. Fierce.

    tails.nails / Via

    Featuring Haku.

    17. Elegant.

    happilyeverafternails / Via

    Featuring Turnip Head, Calcifer, and various items from Howl's Moving Castle.

    18. Grand.

    paulinails_ / Via

    Featuring No Face.

    Yup, totally nailed it.

    Studio Ghibli/

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