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26 Things All Mexican Kids Hated Hearing From Their Mom

Whether it was in English or Spanish, your mom ALWAYS had the final word.

1. "Sleep over? Why do you need to sleep over there if you have a house?"

2. "You don't like beans? What do you think this is? A restaurant?"

3. "THIS IS NOT A HOTEL! No señor! You don't come back home at whatever time you want!"

4. "You're not going anywhere until you finish eating your nopales."

5. "You just wait till we get home."

6. "You just wait till your dad gets home."

7. At a family party: "Did you say hello to everyone?"

8. In front of a cousin you haven't seen in forever: "KISS HER ON THE CHEEK. SHE'S YOUR COUSIN!"

9. "EY! Speak in Spanish so your uncle can understand."

10. "Don't make that face or it'll stay that way!"

11. "How are you gonna have a girlfriend if you can't even clean your room?"

12. "WAKE UP! We're going to church today."

13. "Talk to your aunt. She's on the phone."

14. "Ahorita vas a ver, hijo de tu madre."

15. "You look fat."

16. "Eat some more."

17. "We're eating leftovers."

18. "You don't like it? Fine. You're not eating then."

19. Your mom screaming at you from the sideline at a youth sports competition: "OPEN YOUR EYES!!!"

20. "Go get the belt."


22. "Are you crying?? I'LL GIVE YOU A REASON TO CRY!!"

23. "I'm not asking you to wash the dishes. I'M TELLING YOU!"

24. When you're next in line at the supermarket: "Oh wait. I forgot the milk. I'll be back."

25. "You want a quarter? They're hiring at McDonald's."

26. "Put on a belt. You're not walking out looking like a cholo."

But at the end of the day, she's your mom. And through thick and thin, she'll always be there for you. You wouldn't have it any other way.