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    23 Tweets About Mexican Food That Are Too Real


    1. When you ask for the "spicy" salsa and you immediately regret it:

    2. When you wake up to the most delicious meal on earth:

    3. When you can't trust anybody in your household with your leftover torta:

    4. When you're on the run and you need a quick snack:

    5. When your mom brings home THOSE chiles...

    6. ...and cooks them:

    7. When you need to fight against that deadly heatwave:

    8. When you learned not to judge a book by its cover:

    9. When you know every container in the house is lying to you:

    10. When you want some chicle but it's impossible to get them:

    11. When the taquero runs out of anything:

    12. When you open your fridge for some "orange juice":

    13. When you unwrap the Mazapan without cracking it:

    14. When you have to be reminded about those damn frijoles...


    16. When you want to step up your snack game:

    17. When you know this is gonna happen on your birthday:

    18. When they don't have atole anywhere:

    19. When you used sandwich bread for a hot dog bun:

    20. When you hadn't gone grocery shopping, so your mom would whip up some beans and quesadillas:

    21. JACHIROS:

    22. When you found a mini mart that carried this holy goodness:

    23. But it could never beat the real thing:

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