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De La Rosa Mazapan Is The Mexican Candy You Need In Your Life

If you grew up with this, you already know what I'm talking about.

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So, let me tell you something about this little glorious concoction, otherwise known as De La Rosa Mazapan.

This is some bomb-ass candy.

So what is it? It's a small disk that's made of sugar, peanuts, and artificial flavors. That's about it.

It's pretty simple, yet responsible for making our childhoods just a little bit better.

A simple taste will ALWAYS take you back to your childhood. ALWAYS.

The thing about this candy is that it's very crumbly. It breaks apart at the slightest touch and often causes quite a mess.'s an issue.


And whenever you did actually manage to unwrap the Mazapan without a single crack, it would warrant a celebration.

But once you dropped a piece in your mouth, ALL WAS GOOD!

And the Mazapan would slowly melt, and your taste buds would experience a wonderful explosion of sugar and peanuts that would coat the inside of your mouth.


A taste so good, you'll never be able to forget it.

As a kid, the Mazapan was something you found in your colaciĆ³n during Christmastime.

If you were lucky enough.

And it was something you fought for at your cousin's 10th birthday party.


How do you make a cake better? Add some Mazapan to it.

How do you make a latte better? Add some Mazapan to it.

And if you're down for something a little chocolaty, just get a chocolate-covered Mazapan.

It's heavenly.


"If I don't break the Mazapan when I unwrap it...imagine how I'll protect your heart."


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