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This Guy Spent Over A Year To Make An Awesome "Mario Kart" Nursery

Greatest. Dad. Ever.

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If you're thinking about building a new space for your newborn baby, why not take YouTuber Geeksmithing's lead and build a Mario Kart nursery?:


That's right. Geeksmithing, after building nurseries based off The Legend of Zelda and Yoshi's Island, built a nursery based on the iconic racing game.


Now, one of the major features of this nursery is the big Mario statue that hangs upside down, off the ceiling.


He built Mario's body with insulation foam.

And the final product ended up looking like a million dollars.

Watch the whole video here:

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And be sure to subscribe to Geeksmithing and check out his website for notes and materials to make your own nursery.