An Artist Made Stunning Lotería Cards About Mexico's State Of Affairs

    "As long as there is a Mexico, the collection will continue to grow."

    Artist Patricia Espinosa created an art collection, titled Lotería: Hecho en Mexico, that reflects the current social, political, and cultural landscape of Mexico using beautifully painted cards that are reminiscent of the classic Lotería game.

    Espinosa was born and raised in Mexico and currently lives in Harlem.

    The cards are made with acrylic paint and ink on 18x24" paper.

    Each card also includes an aphorism that's typically recited when the card is drawn. These aphorisms were written by Mexican-Canadian writer Martha Bátiz.

    The card collection references a number of heavy topics including the ongoing drug cartel violence in Mexico...

    ...the violence perpetrated against Mexican journalists...

    ...Mexico's alarming kidnapping rate... well as the Catholic church controversies...

    ...and the murders and disappearances of women in Ciudad Juarez.

    "Lotería is a game that has been played by generations of Mexicans and that intuitively embraces and captures their country’s social and cultural baggage and traditions," says Espinosa.

    "It was because of this intrinsic nature that it lent itself to more current references about Mexico. Besides its socio-cultural nature, I added the political perspective."

    "The infamous events in Mexico at that time (which are still current today) triggered the creation of a card."

    "Every new card takes a lot of thought, research and sketching but it is the topic and moment in time that dictates its speed of completion."

    "La Lotería is my lifetime project..."

    "...As long as there is Mexico, the collection will continue to grow."

    Lotería: Hecho en Mexico has been exhibited internationally, with an upcoming January 2016 show at the Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, Mexico.

    For more artwork from Patricia Espinosa, check out her website, Facebook, and Instagram.