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    Broadway Star Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Going To Host "SNL"


    Broadway legend Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created and starred in Hamilton and In the Heights, is set to host the October 8 episode of Saturday Night Live, according to Variety.

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    Which is pretty awesome. Miranda, who left Hamilton in July, is doing everything from Disney films, to Carpool Karaokes, to singing Donald Trump tweets.

    Miranda forms part a very short list of Latinos who have hosted the NBC show. According to LA Weekly, there have only been 12 Latino guest hosts in the show's 41 year history. Miranda will be lucky number 13.

    NBC / Via Facebook: snl

    The news comes after SNL hired Latina comedian Melissa Villaseñor and writer Julio Torres.

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    Villaseñor recently came under fire after several offensive tweets resurfaced.

    SNL has been heavily criticized in the past for its lack of Latino representation. The criticisms came to a peak last year when they announced that Donald Trump would be hosting an episode.

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    The show's primary cast has only featured a couple of Latinos throughout its history, including Fred Armisen and Horatio Sanz.

    Nevertheless, we look forward to Miranda killing it on SNL!

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