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DAMMIT, I Wanna See Lin-Manuel Miranda Performing In Drag As JLo, So Follow His Spotify Playlist Now

And it's all for a very important cause.

So, we all love the Broadway superstar Lin-Manuel Miranda. He created Hamilton, In the Heights, did the soundtrack to Moana, he's won the Pulitzer...yada yada yada...HE'S. JUST. AMAZING.

And just when he couldn't get any more badass, he currently has a playlist on Spotify to help the victims of Hurricane Maria.

Now, here's the thing: He's promised to show us a video of him performing in drag as J.Lo if the playlist gets 100k followers.

And remember, if this playlist gets 100K followers, you get VIDEO of me as @jlo. There IS singing. https://t.co/XqFCrSS7vt

The playlist currently has 69,756 followers.


He's already given us a photo when the playlist reached 50K, and it's GORGEOUS.

I promised you a college pic of me in drag as @JLo if this charity @Spotify playlist hit 50K. I keep my promises.

The playlist features some heavy-hitting songs like "Almost Like Praying," that features 22 artists including Gina Rodriguez, Luis Fonsi, Marc Anthony, J.Lo, Rita Moreno, John Leguizamo, and others.

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The proceeds of the song are going to the Hispanic Federation for Puerto Rico's disaster relief efforts .

But yeah, I wanna see Lin-Manuel Miranda's perform like J.Lo, so follow the playlist so he can release that glorious video out into the world: