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An Artist Painted Lin-Manuel Miranda's "Hamilton" Over A Ten-Dollar Bill

"Being a Latina from Bushwick, it was captivating seeing my people killing the game on Broadway."

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So, we've all heard about Hamilton, right?


If you don't know, let me fill you in: It's the hit Broadway musical by writer/actor/rapper/composer/lyricist/genius Lin-Manuel Miranda based on the life of Alexander Hamilton. The show is lauded for its diverse cast and overall awesomeness. It also just won a Grammy and it's almost impossible to get tickets for the show.

In honor of Miranda's breathtaking portrayal of Alexander Hamilton, artist and photographer Danielle DeJesus painted Lin-Manuel Miranda's version of the historical figure on an actual ten-dollar bill.

"The piece was painted using water color and acrylic and took a total of eight hours to paint," DeJesus tells BuzzFeed.

Danielle DeJesus

Currently, DeJesus does not plan on selling it. Instead, she's "hoping to give it to Lin-Manuel Miranda himself."