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    16 Jackie Chan Stunts That Perfectly Capture Your Twenties

    Life is hard, man.

    1. When you graduate from college and suddenly you're thrown into the real world.

    2. When you decide to move to a new city after college and you have to adapt to public transportation.

    3. How you feel when you wake up after drinking several bottles of wine.

    4. When you're trying to figure out your taxes.

    5. When you're on Tinder and you keep swiping left.

    6. When you're broke AF and Sallie Mae keeps pestering you about your student loans.

    7. When your BFF just got out of a long-term relationship and you have to deal with it.

    8. When you buy your first piece of furniture all by yourself, probably off Craigslist.

    9. When you finally get an apartment all to yourself and you're living on your own for the first time ever.

    10. When you're too broke to buy a car so you trek all over the city on a bike.

    11. When your landlord raises your rent because a coffee shop opened around the corner.

    12. When you try to install an air conditioner in your apartment for the first time.

    13. When you get a shitty job after college and your bosses keep telling you that you gotta "pay your dues."

    14. When you default on your student loans and a collection agency comes over to collect.

    15. And finally, when you get out of that REALLY bad relationship you started in college...

    16. ...and now you're single and ready to mingle.