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MMA Fighter Knocks Out Opponent With A Superman Punch

That's right. A SUPERMAN PUNCH.

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On Sunday night at UFC Fight Night 61, we saw something rare occur in a bout between Matt Dwyer and William Patalino.

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Dwyer knocked out Patalino with a powerful Superman punch.

According to the world-renown, totally reliable Urban Dictionary, the Superman punch is "a devastating mixed martial arts striking technique in which a fighter lunges off the lead leg and strikes an opponent with a flying punch from the trailing, strong hand. Named for its resemblance to poses struck by Superman in the pages of DC comics."

While we've seen many fighters attempt the Superman punch in the past, it's rare to see it connect.

To make things more impressive, it's rare to see the move knockout someone in the first round of the fight.

Poor Patalino...

At least Superman would be proud!

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