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17 Badass "Death Note" Tattoos That Will Give You Nightmares

Rule #6: Get a Ryuk tattoo and flaunt it.

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1. L contemplating about his next move with a cup of coffee:

lsjtattoos / Via

2. This hauntingly beautiful Shinigami eye:

abbiemorphew / Via

3. This badass tattoo of Ryuk standing on his favorite food:

pandatats818 / Via

4. A delightful portrait of a death god:

bisselltattoos / Via

5. A simple yet stunning tattoo of Ryuk:

hatefueled_tattoos / Via

6. This gorgeous tattoo of Ryuk's silhouette and an apple:

tattoosillustrate / Via

7. A simple but powerful L:

thatriderchickkelsey / Via

8. A grungy and eerie Ryuk staring into your soul:

klockwoodtattoo / Via

9. This tattoo of Ryuk flipping through THE notebook:

inda_tattoo / Via

10. This fist tattoo of Ryuk's creepy but iconic face:

diostattoo / Via

11. This splattered-ink tattoo of Ryuk flying away:

12. This tattoo of Ryuk reading the number of years left on your timeline:

carontestudio / Via

13. A vicious-looking Rem:

phantomlimbmasturbation / Via

14. This apple that clearly belongs to L:

thumbtack08 / Via

15. This torso tattoo featuring all the primary characters:

jadiemaydredd / Via

16. And finally, this epic Shinigami leg sleeve:

phantomlimbmasturbation / Via

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