The Definitive Ranking Of Kevin Arnold's Romantic Flings On "The Wonder Years"

    Spoiler alert: Winnie Cooper will NEVER be No. 1.

    Kevin Arnold (played by Fred Savage) was the boy next door, who through wit, charm, and overall realness could overcome the trying times of adolescence in the late '60s and early '70s.

    Throughout the six seasons of this coming-of-age tale, we saw many girls/women come and go in Kevin's life. And now, through scientific analysis, we've come up with this totally academic ranking of Kevin's love interests. The girls are ranked based on personality and dateability.

    Without further ado...

    23. Cindy Flemming

    22. Linda Carr

    21. Alice Pedermeir

    20. The Other Cindy

    19. Lisa Berlini

    18. Inga Finnstrom

    17. Susan Fisher

    16. Gina Pruitt

    15. Jessica Thomas

    14. Miss Farmer

    13. Sandy Tyler

    12. Julie Aidem

    11. Miss White

    10. Miss Hasenfuss

    9. Debbie Pfeiffer

    8. Denise the Grease

    7. Becky Slater

    6. Teri

    5. Winnie Cooper

    4. Margaret Farquhar

    3. Cara

    2. Madeline Adams

    1. Linda Sloane