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    50 Amazing Things You Didn't Know About "Dragon Ball"

    The actor who voices Goku actually passed out during a Super Saiyan transformation. WHAT?!

    So, how many of these do you actually know? These facts cover all three Dragon Ball anime series (Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT).

    1. Goku has perfomed the "Kamehameha" a total of 97 times throughout all three series.

    2. Actor Sean Shemmel passed out while voicing Goku's epic transformation to Super Saiyan Level 4 in the English-language dub of Dragon Ball GT.

    3. Bulma's name roughly translates to "panties."

    4. Bulma goes through 17 different hairstyles throughout the series.

    5. Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball, named Piccolo as his favorite character. He says, "It really is cliché when bad guys turn into good guys, but it just feels great drawing it!"

    6. Hitler makes an appearance in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. Hitler was ultimately defeated by Goten and Trunks.

    7. Goku's mother is a Saiyan known as Gine.

    8. Launch, who appeared throughout the first Dragon Ball series, never appears in Dragon Ball Z because Akira Toriyama "forgot" she existed.

    9. Namekians grow at a faster rate than humans or Saiyans. For this reason, Piccolo is a full grown adult at the age of 3 when he fights Goku at the World Martial Arts Tournament. Also, he's only four years older than Gohan during the Saiyan saga.

    10. Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta first appeared in the 2009 video game Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Battlers that was only released in Japan.

    11. Future Trunks, Present Trunks, and Gogeta are revealed to have Super Saiyan 3 capabilities in the 2012 video game Dragon Ball Heroes.

    12. Android 17's real name is Lapis.

    13. Android 18's real name is Lazuli.

    14. In Arab dubs of the show, Saiyans "summon" their Great Ape forms as opposed to transforming at the sight of the moon.

    15. The fight between Goku and Frieza took up a total of three and a half hours of screen time, making it the longest fight in anime history.

    16. Vegeta, one of the Universe's strongest warriors, has a fear of worms.

    17. Yu-Gi-Oh's Tyler the Great Warrior was modeled after Future Trunks.

    18. In an alternate and more depressing Dragon Ball Z timeline, "Perfect" Cell kills off Future Trunks after he goes back to the future. Since Future Trunks was the last remaining Saiyan, this means that his death officially marks the extinction of the Saiyan race. It also means that earth is left to rot as a wasteland.

    19. Future Trunks received his sword from Tapion, as revealed in movie The Wrath of the Dragon.

    20. Broly and "The Legendary Super Saiyan" are not the same. "The Legendary Super Saiyan" actually self-destructed as a Golden Oozaru 1,000 years prior to the Saiyans' arrival to earth.

    21. Cooler, Broly, and Baby from Dragon Ball GT were all defeated by being blasted into the sun.

    22. Unlike humans, Saiyan hairstyles always remain the same.

    23. During the cell games saga, King Kai claimed to know about the "Instant Transmission" technique but never taught it to Goku because he never asked. This means that Goku COULD HAVE arrived to fight the Saiyans and SAVED THE LIVES of Piccolo, Yamcha, Chaotzu and Tien.

    24. Nappa had hair.

    25. The six dots on Krillin's forehead are from incense burns from his time training to be a monk at Orin Temple.

    26. In the manga version of Dragon Ball, nudity was frequently used, especially for Bulma.

    27. Majin Buu is five million years old.

    28. Goten was originally brought in with the intention of replacing Goku as the main character. However, fans widely disapproved.

    29. There are no female Namekians, since they reproduce asexually by giving birth to eggs through their mouth.

    30. Because Android 17 and 18 are technically twins, and Krillin married Android 18, this would mean that Android 17 is Krillin's brother-in-law, and Dr. Gero is his father-in-law.

    31. Broly's power level was 10,000 at the time he was born. This would mean that his power level as a baby was stronger than Piccolo (322), Goku (334), and Raditz (1,500) combined.

    32. Goku and Yajirobe mistakenly appear twice when all the Manga books are aligned in order.

    33. Kid Buu technically kills Captain Ginyu. When Shen Long transported all the Namekians to earth, Ginyu was also transported in his frog form. When Kid Buu destroyed the earth, Ginyu perished along with everyone else.

    34. By the time Dragon Ball Z wraps up, Master Roshi, who is human, is 354 years old. This is possible because according to the "Fanning the Flame" chapter in the Dragon Ball manga series, Turtle explains that Roshi consumed an "immortality elixer." It should be noted that immortality does not mean invulnerability, as Roshi dies while performing the "Evil Containment Wave" against King Piccolo. Roshi would later be revived by the Dragon Balls.

    35. Trunk's favorite food is yankiku, or grilled meat.

    36. Frieza is head of the Galactic Trade Organization, a group that conquers planets and auctions them off at higher prices. Toriyama based the character off of real estate speculators, whom Toriyama considers "the worst kind of people."

    37. Vegeta and Bulma had a second child named Bra.

    38. Chiaotzu has only one strand of hair.

    39. Chiaotzu's face appears as a mask in the Naruto manga series:

    40. One of Goten's favorite foods are Pocky Sticks.

    41. Yamcha has always lost in the quarter finals of every World Martial Arts Tournament.

    42. Yamcha is either killed, severely injured, or already dead in every saga.

    43. Yamcha is actually a baseball player from West City.

    44. Goku has only won the World Martial Arts Tournament once.

    45. Masako Nozawa is the original Japanese voice of Goku, and has voiced him for the entire run of the show:

    46. For a time, Piccolo was the strongest of all the Z Warriors, including Goku and Vegeta, after he fused with Kami, making him stronger than any Super Saiyan.

    47. The names of Bibidi, Babidi, and Buu were taken from the lyrics of the famous Cinderella incantation.

    48. Goku, Oolong, Bulma, and Yamcha are based off the Chinese epic, Journey to the West.

    49. According to Director James Wang, he had never seen a single episode or read a book from the manga prior to his involvement in the 2009 live-action film.

    50. Goku has a legit fear of needles and hospital food.


    H/T to @DailyDragonBall.