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22 Incredible Stories That Prove Andre The Giant Was Larger Than Life

He's kind of a big deal.

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2. As a kid, playwright Samuel Beckett gave him rides to school.

Reg Lancaster / Getty Images

Since school buses couldn't accommodate Andre's large size, Beckett offered to take him in his truck. According to Andre, all they ever talked about was cricket.


6. In a feat that would put any drinker to shame, Andre once had 156 beers in one sitting.

Biography / Via

Andre drank like a boss. In her autobiography, The Fabulous Moolah tells another story of how Andre drank 127 beers and passed out in the hotel lobby. Since none of the hotel staffers could carry the Andre, they draped a piano cover over him and let him sleep in the lobby.

7. And according to Richard English, it took Andre almost two bottles of vodka in order to get a buzz.

This information would eventually come handy when Andre went in for back surgery. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon recalls the anesthesiologist did not know how much morphine to administer Andre. So he calculated the amount based on the bottles of vodka it took to give Andre a buzz.


9. He could pick up Arnold Schwarzenegger like a feather.

According to Arnold, it happened when he was dining with Andre and Wilt Chamberlain. Upon discovering that Arnold paid for dinner, Andre picked him up out of his chair and placed him on top of a car outside the restaurant.


12. He allegedly flipped a car over with four people inside.

WWE / Via

According to Arnold Skaaland, Andre was drinking at a bar by himself when four patrons started harassing him. After reaching his breaking point, Andre chased the unruly patrons out of the bar, who then locked themselves inside a car. So, Andre flipped the car over. Lesson: YOU DO NOT MESS WITH A GIANT.

Hulk Hogan would break Andre's undefeated run after body-slamming him at WrestleMania 3 in front of over 93,000 people.


Hogan tore his latissimus dorsi performing the maneuver. Even though Andre's health was deteriorating, he still put on one of the most memorable matches in wrestling history.


15. This is Andre posing with a five-year-old Dwayne Johnson AKA "The Rock."

At 5, I never knew why people got so excited to see him.. to me he was just "Uncle Andre";) #MissU #TBT

Dwayne Johnson@TheRock

At 5, I never knew why people got so excited to see him.. to me he was just "Uncle Andre";) #MissU #TBT

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