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Can Anyone Understand What On Earth This Man Is Saying?

It's supposed to be Scottish...I think.

So here's a video that was posted on YouTube of a man having a hard time standing on a roof.

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It starts off with the cameraman telling him, "Right...don't put too much weight on it..."

That much is understandable.

Then the dude on the roof lashes out at the cameraman.

After watching the video multiple times, this is what I've got so far:


"????????????? – WANK STAIN!!!!!"

"?????????? – WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKIN' ABOUT?!!!!!!"

"????????????????????????? ROOF!!! ?????????????"

  1. So...can you understand what this guy is saying?

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So...can you understand what this guy is saying?
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    "Yup! Makes perfect sense to me!"
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    "No clue whatsoever."
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    "I definitely heard 'WANK STAIN!'"

We hope the man made it safely off the roof!

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