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    18 Frustrating Moments All Out-Of-Shape Guys Know Too Well

    DAMN YOU, P.E.!!!!

    1. Climbing a giant set of stairs when you're on a date.

    2. Going out jogging with another person.

    3. When someone says, "Hey! It's only 30 blocks away. Let's walk."

    4. Middle school P.E.

    5. When you're jogging at the gym next to someone who's at their physical peak.

    6. Going up to the weight scale after two weeks of working out and realizing you have not lost a single pound.

    7. Putting on an outfit that used to fit and realizing it's just too damn tight.

    8. Playing tag with your kids and/or nephews.

    9. Getting winded after five minutes of ~sexy time~.

    10. When you open the door at the wrong time and the family dog runs out.

    Your dog will always be in better shape than you.

    11. When someone challenges you and your friends to a soccer scrimmage.

    12. Finding a beautiful apartment for a great price... on the 8th floor of a building without an elevator.

    13. When you find yourself sweating while eating a big meal.

    14. When you're shopping in a big mall and the ESCALATORS DON'T WORK.

    15. When you can hear yourself wheezing when you breathe.

    16. When everything, even inanimate objects, are telling you to get back in shape.

    17. When you look down to look at your ~wild thang~ and all you see is gut.

    18. When you can feel a double chin is starting to creep up on you.

    At the end of the day, we strive to keep ourselves happy and healthy.