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Chilaquiles Are The Greatest Food Ever And You Should Try It

This is the ONLY reason to wake up every morning.

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1. Let's take a second to appreciate the ultimate breakfast of champions, otherwise known as CHILAQUILES!

If you grew up with this, you already know what I'm talking about.

2. So, what are chilaquiles? They're fried tortilla triangles (or tortilla chips) that are DRENCHED in spicy red or green salsa.

You can also do both if you're living on the edge.

3. While there are a variety of ways to make this dish, it often comes with eggs, beans, onions, queso panela, and a little bit of sour cream (for those who can't handle the heat).

4. If you're feeling extra hungry, add in a little steak or shredded chicken.

5. This dish is the perfect remedy to all of life's troubles.

Yes, it's that goddamn delicious.

6. Feeling super hungover? Have some chilaquiles.

7. Having trouble at school or work? Have some chilaquiles!

8. Having relationship problems? HAVE SOME CHILAQUILES!

9. Can't seem to wake up and start your day? No problem. HAVE SOME CHILAQUILES!!!

10. When your mom's like, "Mijo, how was your day?" You can say, "Well, it could've been a shitty day BUT I HAD SOME BOMB-ASS CHILAQUILES!!!!"

Mom: "Por eso estas gordo."

11. So the next time you go to brunch at a Mexican restaurant, be sure to order some chilaquiles.

12. Because there's nothing better in life than...


...and eggs in the morning.

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